Saturday, September 22, 2007


What I want to research is to focus on gesture in old painting and sculpture.Before animation coming out,people also can show movement and emotion in the painting.In different culture, people have habitual gesture to show often.Maybe I can research 1. "the same gesture show different emotion" or "the same emotion show different gesture" in the old painting and sculpture. culture affect gesture to show character. 3. present the gesture in different type of art before animation coming out in old painting.Will it work?I am not sure if it worth to do the research?

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Arjun said...

Hey Chiachi,

I think this is an interesting area and as we discussed, it would be great for you to look at gesture as depicted in Chinese art or any other area of art as the work of Giotto and the Arena chapel. All the three approaches to examining art you mentioned sound interesting to me, but you need to decide which approach to take based on your interests.

In my view, the research that you do can provide animators with insights into how representations of gesture evolved prior to animation.

To answer your other questions, I think that doing the research is definitely worth it. But, in general, it's hard to know whether any research is worth it ahead of time. As a group, however, I feel that we should focus on topics that are interesting to us and I'm sure that the interest will translate into uncovering compelling aspects about the research subjects.