Thursday, September 13, 2007

Links to other DADA research blogs

Sept 5th – Visualizing Science and Visual Effects
Sepehr Dehpour - Team Captain
Melissa Fontanini
Chao-Tung Huang
Wyatt Poist
Elizabeth Ryan

Sept 12th – Documentary and Animation
Renae Radford - Team captain
Ryan Lovelace
Alan Kininsberg
Melissa Bouwman
Mike Robinson

Sept 19 - Visualizing Science - Art & Science
Joe Micallef – Team Captain
Jacob Albers
Dave Horowitz
Rie Takayama
Qingyuan Wang

Sept 26th – Visual Effects, Stereoscopic and perception
Amanda Tasse – Team Captain
Laura Yilmaz
Michael Fallik
Aaron Biscombe
John Helton

October 3rd – Character Animation and performance, gesture kinetics, dance
Arjun Rihan – Team Captain
Hyunjung Rhee
Chia-Chi Tseng
Tim Garbutt
Ryan Chen

October 10th – Facial gesture, emotional resonance through animation and cinema
Deborah Allison – Team Captain
Dave Damant
Steven Day
Diana Reichenbach
Gabriel Soto Campa

October 17th Consciousness and sound
Jan Pfenniger – Team Captain
Malak Quota
Ying-Jing Wang
Brian Lee
John Arellano

October 24th – Death, time and animation
Sean Cox – Team Captain
Pooya Ghobadpour
Paul Shepherd
Shinobu Ochi
Brittany Biggs

November 7th – Fine Art, cinema and The Virtual Window
Joanna Griebel – Team Captain
Nahomi Maki
Colin McCall
Bethany Sparks
Wen Huang

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