Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gesture and the Brain

Here's some links I found that we can investigate further:





Some of this research talks about the similarities and differences between language and gesture, which is also related to the videos that Kathy would like us to watch. One of the articles also talks about gesture and culture using a neurological approach.


Hyun said...

This is about body languages.

we can find lots of great information on the web, but there are not many pictures, and looks kinda boring.
What about we make gestures and take photos (or draw) sometime to "show" examples?

Arjun said...

I agree...I think drawings would be cool.

chiachi said...

I can't open some links,but the neurological system make sense to me.Since it mation about Culture and ethnicity play a part gesture.Can I focus on the part?I mean body language and culture.In fact I can't catch the main point of the research,I am kind of slow reader.but I do interesting in it.

chiachi said...

It's about Italian Hand Gestures
I think it's interesting.
I don't know if it is useful?