Sunday, October 14, 2007

website layout idea

my idea for the website is making like a mole game. As you see in these pictures, when a character is hit by the cursor, the character dances with his stick body.
What do you guys think? and any other ideas?

(click the image to see it clear)


Arjun said...


It's cute, I like it. Maybe we can combine the Research links at the bottom with the moles? So when you click on a mole, you also go to the research page after the animation plays.


Arjun said...

Also, each animation can be closely related to the topic that the mole is linked to. For example, for motion capture, maybe the mole has mocap markers on it and moves in a robotic way. Plus, I think the layout can be modified so the characters take up more of the screen. Right now, they're really small.

Ryan said...

Can the interface have both 2D and 3D elements? I would like to see 2D characters and 3D characters together as a representation of different forms of character more of a spectrum of possibilities.

I'm talking Bouncing Ball to Beowulf...but we make the original content/examples ourselves to show off the variety within our topic.