Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another layout idea

I took Hyun's idea and modified it so the moles are a little more of the focus of the image. What do you'll think?


Ryan said...

I like the Aardman example. Perhaps something like that with 2D and 3D characters? Arjun, I think you already suggested that at the last meeting.

In regards to the design...if the main page or hub is just a link to various regions within this blog (which is simple and clean)...then the user would have to use the "back" button in the browser to get back to the main navigation page right? That's not cool, right?

I think we should have a main fancy flash interactive welcome page as a starter. The user is then presented with 6 choices or something. Upon selecting what they want they would be taken to a viewing page which would have two frames (either rows or columns - doesn't matter). In one frame would be a condensed version of the main navigation shown previously, and in the other frame would be the blog. That way the user always has access to our navigation system, and also has the choice to trek through the blog manually.

Ryan said...

I'll have to make an example / test so show what I'm talking about - and also to understand if what I want is reasonable. I'll try something tomorrow - or today actually.

Arjun said...

Yeah, that's a good point about the navigation. Perhaps if we used an RSS feed we could integrate the blog content into our own design. I think that should be fairly easy to do.

In regards to your other question, both Hyun and I were thinking of the main interface as being Flash.

Ryan said...

I wasn't saying it shouldn't be flash, I'm just talking about the relationship between the the directory and the content.